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Our lawyers can help if you suffered nerve damage or a skin injury following use of a Cold Therapy System. Learn what prompted the FDA to recall the BREG Polar Care 500, Polar Care 500 Lite and Polar Care 300. Read about how our landmark U.S. Supreme Court victory benefited consumers across America. We represent people across America who were harmed by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a Cold Therapy System, contact us to discuss your legal rights.

EBIce Lawsuit


EBIce Cold Therapy System

EBIce is a cold therapy device developed by EBIce Patient Care Inc. It is used by patients following surgery to minimize pain and reduce swelling.

The device is intended to be administered by patients at home. The manufacturer provides insufficient instruction on proper use of the device. Further, the safety warnings are inadequate. The EBIce devices fails to include a shut-off valve or alarm that will prevent overuse of the product or circulation of water that is dangerously cold.

Users of the EBIce device have suffered serious injuries because of the device, including nerve damage and damage to the skin.


What You Should Do

Your Health

If you have been harmed following use of the EBIce device, or you have concerns regarding your use of the device, contact your physician immediately.

Your Legal Rights

If you have suffered nerve damage or a skin injury following use of the EBIce or any cold therapy system, you may be entitled to compensation. You should act immediately to contact a lawyer experienced in matters involving defective medical devices.

Our Lawyers Can Help

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O'Steen & Harrison, PLC is handling legal claims on behalf of those who have been injured by the EBIce and other cold therapy systems. We invite you to contact us for a free, confidential consultation about your legal rights.

We will represent patients throughout the United States. We can help you, too, wherever you live.

For free answers to your questions about the EBIce device, please call us toll-free at 1-800-883-8888 or complete this online contact form.

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